Sunday, August 26, 2012

Skirts by Banana, Loft & J.Crew for Sale!

Skirt details

Banana Republic:
- Fitted Navy skirt with embossed pattern and front pockets, size 14. Price (incl. ship): $20 
- Khaki Mini skirt, size 14. Worn a few times (see it on here); Price (incl. ship): $18

- Slightly metallic mauve tiered fitted pencil skirt, size 14. Worn only once (here). Price (incl. ship): $20
- Navy tweed, slight A-Line skirt with front pockets, size 14. Worn once (here); Price (incl. ship): $20

- Paper bag waist with elastic for some give mini skirt. Light blue, taupe and white stripes, size Large. Worn a few times. Price (incl. ship): $18
Linen charter mini-skirt circa Spring 2010 in chartreuse, size 14. Worn a few times (see on here); Price (incl. ship): $18

Interested? Want more info or pictures?  Email me (ChasingDavies{at}gmail{dot}com)! And remember to read the official rules of the sale before you commit!

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